Mini Games

Do you love birds and love to have fun?

To change a bit from the birds you take care of on Birdrama, there are 30 free mini Flash games about birds available. They are free to play and there is no time limit. Enough to pass the time for hours!

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Bird Lamppost Games
Games Bird Lamppost Games
Scare these birds out of their senses!
Bird Fun Game
Games Bird Fun Game
Help this bird catch falling fruit with its tongue!
Eagle Games
Games Eagle Games
Help this eagle break its bones on the rocks!
Birds Flying Games
Games Birds Flying Games
Fly around and feed your chicks without getting hit by lightning!
Bird Bounce Games
Games Bird Bounce Games
Can you help these chicks with their first flight?
Birds Flying Games
Games Birds Flying Games
Collect oranges for your bird love and avoid the bombs!
Bird dressup Games
Games Bird dressup Games
Dressup this macaw!
Pelican Games
Games Pelican Games
Help this hungry pelican eat up all the other little birds!
Flying Bird Games
Games Flying Bird Games
Collect baby birds and take them to the pelican, but avoid the witches and crows!
Flying Bird Game
Games Flying Bird Game
Help Flappy the Seagull pop balloons, while avoiding the other birds!
Penguins Game
Games Penguins Game
Can you save these baby penguins?
Macaw Bird Game
Games Macaw Bird Game
Fly around catching food with this bright macaw bird!

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