Free bird game: Bird Flying Game

How good are you at flying? Come and test your pilot skills in this challenging bird flash game!
You play a little yellow sparrow who is out flying peacefully around the skies.
Use your mouse to move your little yellow bird up and down, he will follow your mouse wherever you move it.
But everything isn't that easy! There are lots of rockets flying through the skies too and you must avoid them or your little bird will be blown from the sky.
And that's not all! There are big animals around your screen who are causing lots of mischief. They will move the screen from side to side, jump on the screen to make it really small, stand in front of the screen to block your view and send huge rockets flying at you. You must keep your calm and make sure your little yellow bird doesn't hit any rockets. You'll also get points for the fruit you manage to eat along the way. There are lots of watermelon, apples and cherries for you to gobble up. You also get points for your distance so try to take your bird as far as possible.
Will you keep your nerve and take this little yellow bird far or will you blow up with a rocket?

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