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If you're a fan of Guitar Hero, then you will love this free flash game! It will test how musical you are and how well you can follow a beat.
At the start of this mini bird game, you can choose the Speed and Difficulty of the level. We recommend that you start slow to get the hang of this game – unless you are a real star at these kind of Guitar Hero games!
The mother bird is playing music to her hungry little chicks who are sitting high up in their nest. Food starts falling from the sky and you have to help her little chicks to catch the food, which is mostly bugs and fruit.
You will see a letter underneath the birds and this corresponds to keys on your keyboard. You need to hit a key to make a certain bird jump up to catch the food. Make sure you time this right so that your bird jumps up just at the right time. But be careful because there are some nasty things falling from the sky that you must avoid, they are gray with a mean face on them. You will get points for every piece of food you catch.
Also, if you miss too much with a bird then this bird won't be able to jump up for a little while.
You can click on Menu on the right to change your settings: the volume and speed of the music.
You must help feed these little chicks otherwise they will die! Are you up to the challenge?

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