Breeder rankings by wealth

You will automatically climb in these rankings by accumulating lots of coins in the game.
The overall ranking of breeders on Birdrama is determined by several criteria: results in bird shows (number of times in the Top 3), length of time in the game (presence days), number of birds and a breeder's passion ranking.

The passion rankings highlight the breeders who best take care of their birds. These rankings take into account the average health, energy, mood and cleanliness of each breeder's birds.

Other rankings allow you to also see a player's position according to specific criteria: by number of birds, number of times in the Top 3, number of victories in the bird shows, wealth (number of coins), number of votes received, or by number of visits received.
Breeder rankings by wealth
Place Breeder Country Evolution Coins
Dreamzer   Dreamzer
 Majority species: Bat
 0 302,155
Chanel83  Chanel83
 Majority species: Blue-and-yellow Macaw
 0 200,190
StaceAce  StaceAce
 Majority species: Cuckoo
 0 53,730
4 Regulus.Leo.Gold.Saint  Regulus.Leo.Gold.Saint
 Majority species: Nightingale
 0 19,240
5 RainbowBee-Eaters  RainbowBee-Eaters
 Majority species: Bee-eater
 0 18,502
6 Unnaturalgirltt13  Unnaturalgirltt13
 Majority species: Magpie
 0 13,125
7 laylay1978  laylay1978
 Majority species: Magpie
 0 11,733
8 SundanceKid  SundanceKid
 Majority species: Peregrine Falcon
 0 9,923
9 bd2003  bd2003
 Majority species: Blue Tit
 0 9,014
10 Chinchillad  Chinchillad
 Majority species: Jay
 0 8,917
11 Samonia  Samonia
 Majority species: Peregrine Falcon
 0 8,533
 Majority species: House Sparrow
 0 8,093
13 catshavemyheart3  catshavemyheart3
 Majority species: Blue Tit
 0 8,059
14 Moonleaf105  Moonleaf105
 Majority species: Peregrine Falcon
 0 7,779
15 mcanelly  mcanelly
 Majority species: Peregrine Falcon
 0 7,679
16 annabella2218  annabella2218
 Majority species: Owl
 0 6,738
17 OleBetsy  OleBetsy
 Majority species: Owl
 0 5,920
18 jumppuppy  jumppuppy
 Majority species: Peregrine Falcon
 0 5,500
19 doglover572  doglover572
 Majority species: Blue Tit
 0 5,385
20 Poodlelover2000  Poodlelover2000  0 5,290